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Setup community forum/message board

Post by on Wed Aug 12, 2015 5:18 pm

Setup community forum/message board - that Avalon should setup a community forum/message board to inform residents about upcoming changes or events. In this day and age, to say that you only rely upon email to inform residents about events or changes that effect our community makes Avalon look very dated. They need to find more ways to better communicate with residents. An online community forum or message board that is either stand alone or part of the Avalon Access website would be a good start. Another would be better signage in the lobby and elevator areas. The small holders for a single sheet of paper are pathetic. They could put large posters in the lobby. They could have put notes in the mailboxes. For residents that are interested, they could use text messaging. Just sending an email and thinking that's the best and only thing they could do is not going to cut it. Someone took the time and made a note that they placed under every resident's door. That shows more effort that what Avalon management did.

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